Chrissy Gaglione

Location: United States
Designer, Researcher, Urbanist

Sytse de Maat

Location: Netherlands
Architect PhD, author of The Perfect Slum, On the Symbiosis of People and Building (2016).

Comunal taller de arquitectura

Location: Mexico
Asociación Civil dedicada a la Producción Social de Arquitectura.

Sarah Essbai

Location: Netherlands
Architect, Urban Planner

Al Borde arquitectos

Location: Ecuador
Al Borde's practice is chiefly motivated by its interface with communities.

Alexander Furunes

Location: Vietnam
Eriksson Furunes Architecture & co- founder WORKSHOP architecture 

Building Trust International

Location: Cambodia
Building Trust is a non-profit charity using design for problem solving and creating better solutions.

Charles Newman

Location: United States
Design Consultant at Unfrastructure Design LLC 

Rachel Wu

Location: Netherlands
Digital Marketing | Web Analytics | Project Management

Vashali Nanda

Location: Netherlands
Architect, Project Manager, Business Development(Design)

1 to 1 - Agency of Engagement

Location: South Africa
1to1 aims to create a platform for spatial designers to grow their experience of supporting developing areas in South Africa.

Mak James

Location: UK/ Hong Kong
Architectural Assistant at dRMM Architects

CAUKIN studio

Location: Canada, the UK and Indonesia
CAUKIN’s working practice seeks to tackle social, environmental and economical problems through beautiful, well-crafted design.

Jan Glasmeier

Location: Thailand
Owner at Simple Architecture - A studio with the focus on socially conscious & environmental friendly design solutions. 

Center for Public interest design

Location: United States
Center for Public interest design works to make a difference in the world today and educates the designers of tomorrow to become agents of change.

Tsaiher Cheng

Location: Taiwan
Owner, Architect, Urban Planner at Boundary Unlimited

Chiara Dorbolò

Location: Netherlands
Researcher and Architect

MHS City Lab

Location: India/ Italy
Designs inclusive solutions for the urban marginalised based on the principals of design, affordability, and community engagement.

Cross Cultural Chairs

Location: Italy
A research about social and cultural differences analysed through chairs and sittings.

Tamara Kahn

Location: United Kingdom
Architect at Marcus Beale Architects.

Swati Janu

Location: India
Founder at Social Design Collaborative


Location: Netherlands


Location: Austria
architecture for development - students design and build sustainable houses in developing countries, in cooperation with local people.