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Architecture In Development is an open, non-commercial collaborative research platform that welcomes everyone to document the scattered sources of images and stories behind built projects. We welcome you to join our community and together, make a better picture of what architecture and sustainable development are about.

Our website offers limitless possibilities for you to share your knowledge, expertise and creativity. You can get started by exploring these four tabs:

4 tabs

Homepage: platform for articles that stimulate discussions about architecture and sustainable development ;
Map page: an interactive architecture map for built projects of both the past and today;
Expert page: database for expert members;
Bulletin board: community platform for members to exchange and share news.

Our website is an open knowledge platform. Everyone can...

register as a member for free.
browse or search projects in the interactive architecture map;
browse the database of articles, projects, experts and bulletinboard;
search the database of articles, projects and experts;
contact our expert members for building-related questions;
share any article or project with your friends on your social media;

After registered as a member, you can...

create your expert profile page;
add a new project to the interactive architecture map;
add & edit content of an existing project;
comment on articles or projects;
offer your expertise to people in need;
share & discuss interesting articles, ideas, projects, films or images with the other members.
launch a 'call for A.I.D.' and crowd-source worldwide solutions.

You can support Architecture In Development in many ways.

You can link our website to your blog or your website; you can suggest your friends to participate; you can contribute to Architecture In Development by making a tax-deductible donation that will help cover maintenance costs. Spread the word please!


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