About Architecture in Development (AiD)

Founded in 2011, Architecture in Development is a global community and platform that aims to research and accelerate socially sustainable architecture.



The beginning...

Is architecture only an exclusive product for just a few who can afford it?

We do not think so. To search for a more meaningful interpretation of architecture, we launched our first platform www.architectureindevelopment.org in September 2011 to crowdsource world-wide stories about architecture driven by the needs and aspirations of communities.

“Architecture is primarily about people and their collective process of creating space. The current focus on architecture as a luxury service and product has, however, undermined its potential to foster communities' sense of identity and belonging.” - Changfang Luo & Rob Breed, founders of AiD


In the past years, we have nurtured a global community of over 40.000 young professionals. Though passionate about community architecture, young professionals are confronted by the realities: how to improve others’ lives without compromising one's own financial- and architectural ambitions?

In the current social architecture practice, non-for-profit unfortunately seems to be the only option. We want to encourage more architects' social entrepreneurship, empower architects to find viable operational models through engaging global partners and collaborators.

The question is: how to attract investments in socially-sustainable, community-driven architecture?

Our solution is to systematically innovate the existing operational models, by connecting various networks and re-distributing available resources, both locally and globally. Through identifying the vital resources/ expertise, we are developing tools to match the offers with the needs across global professionals and local-, community architecture initiatives. In summer 2016, the Buildify pilot was launched to validate our tools, through the participation of AiD’s growing global network.

To be continued...

We are extremely grateful for having you taking part in our journey. We couldn’t have gotten this far without your continuous support!

To continue supporting our global community and their social endeavors, we need to scale up our organisation and its tools. We hope to meet and collaborate with you during our journey - let us unlock the potential of bottom-up, community-driven architecture!


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