Writing guidelines

We publish case studies that provide contextual richness to the process of bottom-up architectural development, highlighting the social and cultural context behind these projects

To support you in sharing a story that conveys the consequences of community-driven architecture, we have put together a checklist for writing your project case study.

Each section from the Project page is listed below with guideline questions. Use the appropriate questions from this checklist to guide you through gathering relevant information and creating valuable content.

Introduction - the background story

  • Why did the community take initiative?
  • What was the framework that allowed the project to get off the ground?
  • How was the project funded?
  • What was unique about the development process?
  • What is the long-term vision?
  • What were the obstacles/ hurdles encountered by the project during the design and implementation phases? How were they overcome?

Social and cultural context

  • What were the existing conditions/ problems/ potentials of the community involved?
  • What were the roles carried by each stakeholder (users, local authorities, architects...?)
  • How does the design/building process fit or complement existing socio-cultural values.
  • What are the opportunities created by the initiative for the community?
  • How did the community respond to the initiative?
  • What has the project achieved and what have you learned, reflecting on the issues of sustainable development?

Materials and building techniques (optional)

  • Which materials and techniques were chosen in respect to the local social, economic and environmental aspects.

Earth and climate (optional)

  • What were the climate/environmental considerations when choosing techniques, materials and the building process?



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