What they say about us

"Over the past 3 years, A.I.D has become a very useful platform for professionals share knowledge and projects on sustainable development. We wish you even more success in this important line of work. Congrats!" - Arcò – Architecture & Cooperation, an architectural cooperative working since 2009 in International Cooperation projects


"Architecture in Development is a great resource of information on the contemporary production of architecture solutions to societal needs all around the world, fuelled by the effort of many voluntary people willing to make a change." - Ibai Rigby, Project Coordinator at Aga Khan Trust for Culture


"Get inspired by Architecture In Development, see what humankind can design and build together if the wisdom of the experts and the wisdom of the local and global crowd comes together. Designing and building by the people for the people!" - Bart Lacroix, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder 1%CLUB

"A.I.D.'s consistency in implementing their knowledge exchange platform over community building has always been meaningful to us, especially for the team's unspoken but evident call for our profession to embrace all kind of social, economical and specific local concerns that had been obliterated by architecture's stardom. Commitment is at stake! We are really looking forward to their new steps into connecting all stakeholders involved into the projects: from documentation and information to pro-activeness." - Bernardina Borra co-founder of SPcitI.org

"I like reading stories where architecture professionals are providing a service to their communities, thanks for the great work!"
Daniela Patti, board member of the wonderland platform for european architecture


"You are definitely doing an amazing work. There is an urgent need to connect & engage all stakeholders with different disciplines in a network, which hopefully will serve projects to start- up." - Tere García, Architectural consultant associate at Plan Projects

"Thanks so much! I really enjoy your email newsletter and the inspiring case studies you include." Deborah Carter, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships PICNIC









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