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On April 19, 2019 (GMT+2), Architecture in Development has kick started Unboxing Architecture crowdfunding campaign!! Our campaign is up at 1% club, a Dutch crowdfunding platform.

Why unbox architecture?

Architects often dream of creating a better world, but their daily reality keeps them busy working in an exclusive domain for a lucky few. Since 2011, we’ve been encouraging architects to go out of the box and connect to people who need help to build schools, libraries, or meeting places for their communities.

What we have achieved

Today we have a global community of more than 50,000 young professionals and have collected 500 cases on our platform, Architecture in Development. To tap into the potential of our community, in 2016 we started an experiment - the Buildify pilot. Our goal was to scout and select the best community projects in need of support to realise their dreams. This self-financed initiative has helped match 6 collaborations and improved the lives of 250 children in India.

Read more about our personal journey with Architecture in Development and our Buildify 2016 pilot.

With the ’Unboxing Architecture’ campaign, we want to advance the success of Buildify, facilitate much more global/ local collaborations to empower more people to build their dreams.
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How Buildify works

We first scout the most urgent community architectural initiatives from our global partners network (100,000+ outreach), and publish all qualified proposals. Then, through a jury process, we select three most feasible projects with tangible impact on communities. And so, we expand and connect our networks to help bring these projects to life!


Library of Muyinga is a great example of community architecture. It's located in Burundi, a country with only two schools for deaf and blind children. BC architects & studies, a community organisation Odedim and the local community joined forces to realise a library that improves education quality and reduces inequality.


Thnouh School is located in Cambodia. This video reveals not only the process but also the reasons why these young professionals decided to work hand-in-hand with communities.

With your support we can create change!

Support Unboxing Architecture crowdfunding campaign, together we can…

  • discover and contribute to life-changing projects;
  • create meaningful architecture where communities belong and thrive;
  • empower communities to realise their dreams!

Your little support can make a huge difference. This is what you can do:

  • DONATE A DIME IF YOU GIVE A DAMN! Make a donation here
  • Sign up here and become our campaign ambassador, actively engage more donors and build momentum for the mission of making architecture accessible for all!!

Useful linkes:

Download gif animations:

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Download images:

Naidi Community Hall, Fiji, by Caukin studio. Photo ©Katie Edwards. download image here

Bamboo Kindergarten, western Java, by AsF-Indonesia. Photo ©AsF-Indonesia download image here

Okana Pavilions, Kenya, by Laura Straehle and Ellen Rouwendal.
Okana Pavilions, Kenya, by Laura Straehle and Ellen Rouwendal. Photo ©Laura Straehle and Ellen Rouwendal. download image here


download image

download image


download image


This campaign is made possible with the support of many passionate, talented professionals, including:

Yan Zhang (graphic/ animation designer), Lennart Wienecke (creative direction), Maaike Dommershuijzen (communication strategy), Maya Schoonwater (project management), Rens Pluijm (sound design), Sarah Essbai (campaign team), Rachel Wu (campaign team), Vaishali Nanda (campaign team)




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