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Architecture In Development is one of the few architectural media dedicated to uncovering the relationship between communities and their built environment. We are constantly looking for authors who are affiliated with the emerging community-driven building projects, and love to tell about the background contexts of the building process.

Call for authors:::3 ways to participate:::

We call for writers, photographers, urban planners, anthropologists, sociologists, engineers, committed professionals, architects, passionate amateurs and free thinkers (...just to name a few) to CO-CREATE content for our website:

1. WRITE STORIES about the projects on our interactive map:
Just browse the projects on our interactive map and find out if you have information, expertise or images about a particular project. If there's one project that you're particularly interested, you are very welcome to 'become the main author' of this project!

2. ADD PROJECTS to our interactive map:
You can also suggest relevant built projects to our project library. These are not necessarily projects designed/ built by you; for example, you can share your research, your photos or your knowledge on vernacular architecture.

3. Contribute ARTICLES to our homepage:
You can contribute articles that stimulate new thoughts or discussions on the current architecture practice and sustainable development.


Think about writing storIES about the history, the climate and the culture related to a building that YOU are familiar with. Think about a knowledge platform where the images and information are collaboratively developed by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE!

You can find guidelines about contributing content in this link. Want to know more about what A.I.D. is and why it's initiated? Find more information in this link. For any question please don't hesitate to contact the team for specific questions or simply email to

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